Eco Secure - Anti Vandal Site Accommodation

From a Single Cabin to a full Site Set Up EcoMod can provide the perfect solution for you and your team
  • Fully Anti Vandal  units compliant with all Health & Safety requirements
  • Fitted with Sliding Window Shutters to minimise risk of site injuries.
  • Galvantite flat sided non-rusting external steel finish
  • Fully Insulated Flooring  providing comfortable secure working facilities.
  • Our Eco Secure units have individually adjustable and removable telescopic jack legs for easy levelling and double stacking. 
  • Removable Wall Panels allow Units to be linked together.
Ireland’s leading Construction Companies choose our Top Quality Eco Secure units to provide Safe and Efficient Site Accommodation for their staff.  
  • Drying Rooms
  • Site Canteens
  • Welfare Units
  • WC Facilities
  • Office & Meeting Rooms
  • Security Huts
  • Containers

To complete the package our partner  Ground Protection Ireland supply a selection of Trackway  & Access systems.Click for more information