Ecomod Higher Performance Modular Buildings Launch

Higher Performance Modular Buildings

IN early November we delivered the first of our new range of Eco Mod SC Higher Performance Modular Buildings to Mc Mahon Transport close to Dublin Docks.
Designed to meet the latest performance and with exceptional external visual features, Michael Mc Mahon was delighted when his 47 sq.m. building arrived on site.
Not only did Eco Mod manufacture the building for us but designed the internal layout to a tee to maximise our valuable internal working areas.
It was finished with quality internal and external features and already we are planning to add an additional unit due to further expansion.


Eco Mod will be delivering before Christmas a further 9 units to Companies located from Cavan to Waterford including a shipping Company based in Dublin.
This new range has been warmly received and with strong inquiries from Customers and plans are already in place to ramp up production levels in 2017 to cope with demand.
Manufactured in Ireland and offered on both rental and purchase options Malachy Menton and his team are on hand to discuss the various options and benefits of the SC Higher Performance Modular Building from EcoMod.

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