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From single office modules to large open plan buildings.

Forget any preconceptions you have about prefab offices. Modular office buildings from EcoMod set a new standard for quality and contemporary office space. With options for almost any requirement, big or small, our team is here to help you find the perfect modular office solution for you.

Modular Offices & Meeting Rooms

Setting a new standard for quality modular office space

Modular offices from EcoMod are the future of scalable business growth in Ireland, offering flexible and cost-effective space solutions from single portable office units, to large-scale open plan facilities.

Our SpaceMaker, SpaceMaker Plus and EcoSpan products are very popular choices for office space needs. They are incredibly versatile and can be used across every industry, by SMEs and corporates alike. We also offer custom build options so you can rest assured that whatever you  need, our team can provide.

Our modular offices are perfect for any site that requires a quick, flexible, cost-effective and, most importantly, high-quality, solution.

    Single Offices

    Complete Office Suites

    Meeting Rooms

    Two Story Office Buildings

    Common sectors include:

    SME Sector - EcoMod Modular Buildings


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    Data Center Sector - EcoMod Modular Buildings

    Data Centres

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    Plus Many More!

    Our Modular Offices & Meeting Rooms Range

    Introducing The SpaceMaker,
    SpaceMaker Plus and EcoSpan.

    SpaceMaker Modular Office Building EcoMod Modular Buildings

    The SpaceMaker Single-Module Office Building

    A high quality “plug and play” portable space that can be used for many different purposes. These modular buildings come in small, medium and large sizes to fit your needs and multiple units can be linked together or double-stacked with external staircases fitted.

    SpaceMaker Plus Large Modular Offices EcoMod-Modular-Buildings

    The SpaceMaker Plus Large Modular Office Building

    A step up from the SpaceMaker, the SpaceMaker Plus single-module building is perfect for open-plan offices, staff facilities and training rooms. Its contemporary modern design and high-quality spec set the standards for large modular buildings.

    EcoSpan Modular Offices Building EcoMod-Modular-Buildings

    The EcoSpan Modular Office Building Solution

    EcoSpan modular buildings come in individual 3m wide modules, connected together to form large work spaces of any scale or layout. The modules can be joined end to end, side by side or double-stacked and can be internally designed to meet the any specifications.

    Popular customisable options for this range include:

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    Kitchenettes & Coffee Docks

    EcoMod WC icon

    WC & Shower Facilities

    EcoMod Office icon

    Partitioned Offices & Configured Layouts

    EcoMod Locker icon

    Staff Facilities Room Fit-Outs

    Our modular offices are available both for hire and to purchase.

    Why Ecomod

    Why Choose Modular Offices From EcoMod?

    We pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our clients that enable us to truly deliver the modular offices that our clients need.

    • High quality of finish and attention to detail
    • Modern contemporary aesthetics
    • Purchase option offers bespoke design choice
    • Excellent customer service
    • Built in Ireland, supporting Irish jobs

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