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Modular Building FAQs

Frenquently asked Questions

Have a question about modular buildings? Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer it for you!

How long do these modular buildings take to deliver and install?

Our portable buildings can be delivered and installed with hours. Fully fitted off site they will be ready for immediate use once  they are connected to services. Our larger modular buildings can take anything from 1 day to a couple of weeks depending on the size of the project.

How do I connect the building to electricity, telephone and data cables?

All our units will be fitted with easy-to-access power connections, whether it be an external plug or an interior consumer unit.

Data points will be wired, tails tagged and tied up at a designated point ready for connection to your server. You can provide your own contractors to carry out the work or we can organise this for you.

We are very short of space on our site. Can we still get a modular building?

Our portable buildings come in a wide variety of sizes so there will almost always be one to suit your site.

Because we can design and build our own units, we can work with you to design a unit that will fit in whatever space you have available.

Our portable buildings can also be double-stacked with exterior staircases so you can be sure to maximise the square footage you have.

Do the units come with heating and power?

Yesm all our buildings come with energy efficient heating & lighting, and easy to access power connections. We also offer climate control if required.

Our modular buildings are available for hire and to purchase.