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EcoSpan Modular Building Solution

Superior Workspace Solutions

Highly-customisable modular buildings from EcoMod.

The EcoSpan modular building solution comes in individual 3m wide modules which connect to form large work spaces of any scale or layout. The EcoSpan modules can be joined end to end, side by side or double-stacked and can be internally designed to meet any specifications.

EcoSpan Modular Building Uses - EcoMod Modular Buildings

Common Uses

Bespoke, customisable, and compliant with building regulations

EcoSpan modular buildings, manufactured in Ireland, are distinctly customisable, fully compliant with current building regulations and have a high-end finish throughout.

The versatility of these modular units makes them a perfect choice for most workspace requirements.


Common uses include:

  • Open plan office spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Corporate work spaces
  • Classrooms, training & induction rooms
  • Staff facilities
  • Healthcare, laboratories and clinical spaces
  • Plus many more!

Internal layouts can be custom fitted to accommodate almost any requirements.

EcoSpan Modular Building Speed - EcoMod Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are typically built 50% faster than traditional builds and can be installed in a few days, reducing downtime.

EcoSpan Modular Building Cost - EcoMod Modular Buildings

Off-site construction results in lower build costs and less requirement for plant and machinery. Purchase options also provide excellent value for money.

EcoSpan Modular Building Regulations - EcoMod Modular Buildings

EcoSpan modular building solutions are built to fully comply with current building regulations and our experienced team can help with specific compliant requirements.

Common Sectors

Modular buildings that can
be used in any sector

Modular buildings are the future of business, allowing you to scale and customise your space as needed, for a fraction of the cost of a standard building. And, because they are manufactured off-site, they can be installed with minimal disruption to your business or organisation.

Our EcoMod modular buildings are very popular as classrooms throughout the education sector and their compliance makes them can be used for public sector projects.

EcoSpan Modular Building Interior - EcoMod Modular Buildings

Common sectors include:

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SME Sector - EcoMod Modular Buildings


Data Center Sector - EcoMod Modular Buildings

Data Centres

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Plus Many More!

EcoSpan Modular Building Double Stacked - EcoMod Modular Buildings

Features Of The SpaceMaker Portable Building

Grow your business with the right space and infrastructure in place.


  • Full Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Kingspan Micro Rib profile steel finish
  • 2.7m ceiling height
  • 60 Minute fire rating
  • High U value
  • A+ Rated Double Glazed Windows
  • Certified internal electrics including double sockets, LED lights, energy-efficient heating
  • ELCB internal consumer units single phase.
  • Double sockets as required
  • Optional external colours & finishes

EcoSpan modular building solutions are available for hire and to purchase.

Why Ecomod

Why Choose An EcoSpan Modular Building From EcoMod?

The EcoSpan modular building solutions set the standard for modular buildings. They are manufactured in Ireland with local teams available for nationwide delivery, installation & servicing. 

  • Modern contemporary aesthetics
  • Highly customisable
  • Purchase option offers bespoke design choice
  • Excellent customer service throughout the entire project
  • Built in Ireland, supporting Irish jobs

Get in touch today and let us help you to find the best fit for your business.

Why choose EcoSpan Modular Buildings - EcoMod Modular Buildings

What To Expect?

Product lead times depend on stock availability and manufacturing schedule, however, these are the general steps you can expect your project to follow.

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Quick Response Times

From your first contact with us, one of our team will be in touch with an immediate callback to help assess your modular building needs.

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Additional Information

Based on your needs, our team will send you additional videos and brochures to help inform you about the products that best suit your needs.

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Site Survey

At the earliest opportunity, one of our team will arrange a site survey to your premises to really assess your needs and the products that best suit the space you have available.

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Initial Proposal

Based on a deep understanding of your needs, your organisation and the space available, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for your project.

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Final Proposal

With feedback from you and your team, we will develop your final product designs and negotiate a final agreement.
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Our team will complete the installation of your modular buildings in a streamlined and efficient manner, minimising disruption to your business. A single unit can usually be installed in just 1 day!

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Customer Aftercare

Our business is built on maintaining excellent customer relationships and providing reliable and responsive aftercare.

EcoSpan Projects

Take a look at some of the recent projects our team has completed with EcoSpan portable building solutions.


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