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Modular Canteen Building Double Stacked For IT Company

Two-Story Modular Canteen

Check out this two-story modular canteen building, built with the EcoSpan Modular Building Solutions, that was provided for a well known technology company in Ireland. This canteen building was supplied with all kitchen facilities built-in and provides ample space for staff during meal times.

Large Open Plan Modular Building

The layout of the chairs in the gallery below reflects the social distancing requirements that all Irish companies had to adhere to during the pandemic. The EcoSpan Modular Building Solution meant that this company was able to accommodate these restrictions and keep operations active.

High Quality Finish

The finish of these modular buildings is of very high quality and has a look of permanency that is difficult to achieve with other solutions available on the market.

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Our modular buildings are made in our factory in Ireland.

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EcoMod is trusted by some of Ireland’s most well known brands

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