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How Long Do Modular Buildings Last?

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Modular Buildings

Modular buildings have become increasingly popular across Ireland over the last 20 years for an incredibly diverse range of commercial uses.

Modular buildings offer several advantages over their traditional counterparts, such as faster construction times, reduced labour costs, adaptability to changing needs and affordability. But while these advantages are impressive, many people still struggle with the same question:


Do modular buildings stand the test of time the same way traditional ones do?


Most modular building providers will give you the same answer – they can last as long as traditional buildings do, but this can be dependent on several factors, including the quality and the standard of upkeep.

In this article, we answer the million-dollar question: are modular buildings for now or forever? What exactly are the factors involved that ensure their durability? And what factors shorten their lifespan so you can take steps to avoid them? Read on to find out more.



Factors that affect the life expectancy of modular buildings



Material quality


Our modular buildings are constructed as durable and stable structures that use high-quality materials such as galvanised steel that doesn’t rust, thereby contributing to their longevity when weighed against traditional buildings.

Also, because modular structures need to be taken apart and moved from location to location, they are designed to withstand significant stress during both transportations and while being manoeuvred into position upon their final arrival.


Construction quality


All aspects of modular construction occur in controlled environments, and this includes all electrical, mechanical and plumbing work. As a result, many materials are protected from the elements (weather, heat, moisture etc.) until the very final moment of installation.

This cannot be said for traditional construction methods, in which areas of half-completed buildings are often exposed to rain, heat, wind and wildlife until they finally reach the point upon which they can be sealed off.


Degree of maintenance


Modular buildings can last for several decades with regular maintenance and even updates to finishes and exterior surfaces. They are flexible and can be easily remodelled based on any changes in both their use or location.


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What factors shorten the lifespan of modular buildings?


A modular building can last as long as a traditionally constructed building can, but several factors can reduce the longevity of a modular building. These include

  • Poor onsite installation
  • Poor quality control
  • Harsh and damp environments (either inside or outside)
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Low-quality materials

Site managers can avoid these problems by working with a trusted and reputable modular construction company. Additionally, by paying attention to any factors that might undermine the longevity of the modular structure, there is potential for a modular building to last for up to 50 years.


What factors lengthen the lifespan of modular buildings?


If modular buildings are taken care of properly, they will last as long as, or even longer than traditional buildings. The following factors increase the longevity of modular structures:

  • Use of secondary water plains
  • Quality testing of the building pad
  • Careful design and construction of the building’s foundation
  • Interior finishes that are easy to clean and repair
  • Use of durable exterior finishes
  • Proper ongoing maintenance

Because modular construction follows the same rules and regulations as traditional construction, the quality of modular buildings is the same as that of traditional buildings. The components used in modular construction are often of higher quality, as they are produced in a controlled environment where strict quality assurance procedures are easier to implement.

This guarantees the production of consistently reliable modules.

Furthermore, as we already mentioned, the quality-controlled manufacturing environment ensures that the components of the structure are not damaged or exposed to the environment during construction. This protects the structure from relentless exposure to rain, snow, wind, and other harsh conditions over the period it takes to finish construction.


A high degree of customisation post-installation


Modular buildings also have another distinct advantage over traditional buildings regarding longevity: they are highly customisable even after installation.

If an aspect of a modular structure becomes degraded or damaged, replacing or repairing the issue is quick and direct. The same cannot be said for traditional buildings, as any change or upgrade could potentially mean months of highly disruptive and intrusive activities.


What about temporary modular buildings? How long do they last?


You may also be wondering if the durability and longevity of modular buildings stack up against their traditional counterparts in a scenario wherein they are meant only to be temporary.

Although temporary doesn’t mean a modular building will not last, they are designed to serve short-term and urgent demands and are simple to tear down and move. The “temporary” classification has more to do with how the structure is installed on a site. With proper care, temporary modular structures can last at least 25 to 30 years.

Nevertheless, the duration of its life will depend on the quality of materials, the building type, and how often the structure is in use. Updating the roofing, flooring, siding, and so on can keep these one-time temporary buildings going for a lifetime.


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One final thought – the longevity of permanent modular buildings


Permanent modular buildings differ in that they are built on permanent foundations and can last more than the average lifetime of a human being! Permanent modular buildings are engineered with thicker, stronger materials to stand the incredible test of time.

With the proper care and maintenance to go alongside the incredibly durable material, offer outstanding quality for the money and can have a lifespan of anywhere from 35 to 100 years.


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