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The Benefits Of Modular Office Buildings

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Modular Buildings

Modular office buildings have been growing in popularity in recent years, and not just among remote workers looking for a quick and easy way to install a garden office.

More and more businesses are realising the huge potential of modular construction and the many advantages it offers over traditional construction methods, particularly when it comes to expanding company office space.

First things first, though:


What are modular buildings?


A modular building is a prefabricated structure that consists of individual sections or units known as modules.

The modules are manufactured off-site under strict factory conditions, and then transported and assembled on-site in the desired configuration. This allows for a structure of any size, shape, and layout to be built in a much shorter time frame and with much less disturbance to the site than with traditional construction methods.

Modular construction is suitable for both temporary and permanent structures. From smaller units such as portable toilets and site accommodation right up to large open plan office buildings, there is virtually no limit to what can be achieved with modular construction.


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The benefits of modular office buildings


You might be looking to add a simple extension to your existing office, or you might want to build a large office in a new location. Whatever your needs, here are some compelling reasons to choose a modular office building:



Because the modules are manufactured off-site, most of the work has already been done before they are delivered to the site. The actual process of assembling the structure is very quick compared to traditional brick-and-mortar construction, especially since the modules are usually delivered with most of the fittings and fixtures already in place.

Plus, because most of the construction is completed before assembly, you have peace of mind that adverse weather conditions will have little to no impact on your project timeline.



Construction and labour costs are lower, meaning that modular buildings offer a more affordable solution to your storage and expansion needs.

Modular buildings are designed and assembled by teams with specific skills and experience, meaning that it is often no longer necessary to accomplish construction projects with a small army of contractors (carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc) who require constant management and may potentially conflict with each other’s work.

Modular office buildings from EcoMod can also be purchased or rented, offering more flexibility when it comes to determining your project budgets.


Flexible and fully customisable

Every project is different and every business has unique needs. With a modular office building, you can scale and expand as needed without the associated costs and stress of building a bricks-and-mortar building.

They can be customised to any desired size, shape and layout, and you can pick and choose from a host of contemporary trimmings and extras, from kitchens and canteens to the internal layout configuration.


Lower environmental impact of modular office buildings

Traditional construction methods produce a high volume of carbon emissions and millions of tonnes of waste every year. With modular buildings, manufacturers can source eco-friendly materials and enable construction waste to be properly managed.

With the modular office buildings being constructed off-site, in factory conditions, there is also much less impact on the local environment when compared to traditional construction methods.


Less stress

Modular office buildings allow for physical expansion while avoiding many of the headaches usually associated with acquiring additional office space such as negotiating rental agreements or managing contractors and dealing with business disruption during construction.

Most modular construction companies will have teams of people to assist with every aspect of the project and since most of the work is completed off-site, there is minimal disruption to your business during the process.


Sleek, clean, modern designs

Research has shown that the physical environment in which we work has a direct effect on our happiness and productivity. So convert that dark, stuffy office into a storage unit and move your employees to a bright, modern modular building instead!

People who are expecting cold, drab, industrial-looking prefabs are often surprised when they are presented with warm, comfortable and contemporary modular office designs from EcoMod.


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What options are available for modular office buildings?


One of Ireland’s most popular office buildings is the SpaceMaker portable building – our high-quality ‘plug and play’ unit that can be used for many different purposes. Simply choose your preferred size (small, medium or large) and decide whether you want a single or multiple story unit.

The SpaceMaker is suitable for businesses in many sectors, including logistics, pharmaceuticals, food producers and manufacturing, and it can be used for any of the following applications:

  • Offices suites
  • Meeting rooms
  • Staff facilities
  • Reception areas
  • Training/induction rooms
  • Transport offices
  • Lockers and changing rooms
  • Shower and toilet facilities
  • Canteens
  • Additional storage

…and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Other popular options include the SpaceMaker plus, for larger portable offices, and the EcoSpan Modular Building Solution for even larger spaces such as open-plan office complexes.


Tailor-made, purpose-built solutions at affordable prices


If your business or organisation needs more space, then considering a modular building is a must. Modular office buildings from EcoMod are finished to the highest standards and include modern features such as A+ rated double-glazed windows, insulated floors and ceilings, and energy-efficient lighting and heating.

They are fully customisable to your unique specifications, giving you the freedom to design your own building or enlist the help of our experienced team to design bespoke solutions from the ground up.

At EcoMod, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke, high-quality, structurally sound solutions for all your construction and expansion needs. As an Irish company with over ten years of experience and a team of fifty dedicated staff, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Get in touch with our friendly team and start expanding your potential today!