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Five Common Modular Office Myths Debunked

by | Sep 7, 2022 | EcoSecure, EcoSpan, SpaceMaker

The modular office, although misaligned and misunderstood, provides a perfect solution to meet the growing need for offices around Ireland.

Modular offices are more convenient to install, less expensive, and less disruptive than putting up permanent ones and are also advantageous when a temporary solution is required.

Unfortunately, however, due to the temporary nature of modular buildings, there is a broad but mistaken assumption that they don’t meet the same standards as a permanent building.

This can lead to concerns about the safety of modular office buildings or whether they can offer the features that traditionally constructed office buildings can.

In this article, we analyse five of the most common misconceptions and misunderstandings related to modular office buildings so you can make an informed decision about how to expand your office.


Five common modular office myths debunked


Some of the myths about modular buildings appear to make sense at first glance, that’s part of the reason they have prevailed for so long, but most can be completely refuted with a little bit of additional information.

For example, how can a temporary building possibly be as secure as a permanent one? Well, for a start, they most certainly can be, and we’ll explain how later in the article.

So let’s debunk five modular office myths and look at what modular office buildings can do for your organisation.


Myth 1: There is no ability for customisation


A lack of customisation with modular buildings couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, half the point of modular offices is the ability to customise your setup exactly as desired.

The internal layout of the building is completely customisable according to your needs. Not only can you choose to include features like canteen facilities and water closets, but you can also pick the location of windows, doors, walls, powerpoints, radiators and pretty much everything else to make sure it’s completely fit for purpose.

The size of the office space is also completely customisable. Individual modules can be linked together to create a facility of virtually any size and shape needed, from small cubicle offices to large open-plan offices, and our modules can also be double-stacked to provide two-story buildings as well.


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Myth 2: A modular office lacks the functional features of a permanent building


Because modular offices can be temporary, there is the perception that they are just four plaster walls slapped together with a roof over the top, but that’s not what modular buildings are at all.

Modern modular offices are fully insulated with climate control systems as an optional feature, and energy-efficient LED lighting provides staff with all the light they need to work. They also come with A+ rated double glazed windows so there is plenty of natural light coming in as well.

You can also choose from various features including canteen facilities, water closets, office partitions and more – essentially any feature found in a permanent office building can be found in a modular office as well.


Myth 3: Modular offices lack safety and security


Another point of concern with modular office buildings is the perceived lack of security they offer to businesses and staff.

A common argument is that, after all, it’s a temporary building – wouldn’t it be easy for thieves to knock down the door and steal expensive equipment or trade secrets?

This assumption is false. In reality, sturdy galvanised steel walls ensure everything is safe from miscreants.

In addition, our Eco-Secure modular buildings are built to meet the same safe construction regulations imposed on traditional buildings and are fully compliant with all health & safety regulations.

While accidents can happen, the likelihood of safety problems is equal for both modular and traditional office buildings.


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Myth 4: Modular offices are only for construction sites


Modular offices are a common sight on construction sites because they are well suited for providing movable office space, break rooms, and water closet facilities when the job site changes frequently.

However, that’s far from the only thing they’re good for.

Modular office buildings are highly popular across the manufacturing, pharma, healthcare, logistics, education and transportation sectors to name but a few.

Wherever you need temporary or simply efficient office space, modular buildings are an excellent option, no matter the intended purpose.


Myth 5: Modular offices aesthetically stand out like a sore thumb


The final misconception we’re going to look at in this article is that all modular buildings look alike and they’re not aesthetically pleasing. With the high-quality finish of modern modular offices and all of the customisation options available today, this simply isn’t true.

Modular offices can be linked together in whatever shape will fit your site and the external finish can be customised entirely to match your existing structures so that they blend seamlessly into your premises.

When you have the right modular provider, modular office buildings can look so clean, professional and modern that no one would ever know they were prefabricated.


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Act on the facts about modular office buildings


Disregard the myths and instead take a look at our modular building options here at EcoMod.

We have several types of offices to choose from – the SpaceMaker, the SpaceMaker Plus, the EcoSpan, and the EcoSecure anti-vandal modular building. Each is designed to meet a specific set of needs from large modern office facilities to small, super-portable on-site offices.

Get in touch today to peruse our sleek, modern-looking building options and find out which would be the perfect option for your office expansion.

Don’t forget to check out our blog and resources page for the latest news and trends in the world of modular buildings.